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At Robert Blair Primary School and Children’s Centre Services we have the highest possible expectations for all our children. We want children to be confident, to love learning and to achieve well. Whilst we are unashamedly “play based” in our approach we are rigorous in ensuring that we;

  • Get to know your child very well.
  • Build strong and positive relationships with your child and your family.
  • Provide an environment for your child both inside and outside that nurtures, challenges and excites.

In nursery we offer a combination of full and part time places for children aged 3-4 years. Our nursery is a purpose built space arranged into 4 distinct but interconnecting areas (Art room, Moon room, Sun room and Outside area). All four areas can be accessed throughout the day and are staffed by 5 early years practitioners two EY nursery teachers and 3 EY workers all of whom hold level 3 qualifications and one is an EYP (see who is who).

Each child has an identified key person who comes to visit your child at home and provides a vital link between home and nursery. All children have a profile book which belongs to them and provides a record of children’s learning and achievement whilst they are at nursery. We believe all children learn best in an environment where they feel safe and have positive relationships with the adults who care, support and challenge them so we work closely with parents to ensure we know about the learning needs of each child. Parents receive a weekly text message to say if their child is the “focus child” that week and we ask them to fill in a “Focus Child Form”. We use the form together with our observations to plan specific learning opportunities for individual children and groups of children across all 7 areas of learning. We use observations and the information contained in each child’s profile book (photographs, drawings, paintings, direct quotes from children and parents) to assess children’s progress and plan for the next steps in their learning. The nursery is a play based learning environment, however, experiences within each area are carefully planned and supported to meet the needs of individual children and groups of children and to provide challenge for all learners. We have a particular focus on the prime areas of learning (Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotion development and Physical develop), as well as the key skills of reading, writing and maths that are crucial in becoming a successful learner. Children have opportunities to hear stories, share books and find purposeful reasons to read and write. We place a high priority on “phonics” in nursery using the letters and sounds programme to systematically teach the skills needed to become a successful reader. The support of parents is essential in ensuring children achieve well and have a positive experience of school. We really value parental contributions and ask all parents to use “parent voice” stickers to capture the learning that goes on at home. We ask parents to support learning at home through: talking regularly to your child’s key person, taking the profile book home to share and add contributions, filling in parent voice stickers regularly, attending nursery sessions such as “everyone’s reading in nursery”, attending parent workshops or sessions, reading stories daily (books are available to borrow from nursery at any time by the nursery entrance) and looking at the website and whiteboard (in the main foyer) for information about your child’s day and tips and ideas to support learning at home. Outline below are the areas that make up the nursery space and the how each areas is designed to function.

 Moon room

The moon room provides access to large and small block play together with small world resources to extend and develop children’s imaginative play. It also offers a space for permanent domestic play (home corner) and an extra role play space which is developed around children’s particular interests it has been has transformed into a variety of scenarios including a “Frozen ice palace”, grocery shop, baby clinic, post office, café (see nursery gallery).In addition, we provide a small cosy space in the moon room for children to relax and observe play.

cosy space
Cosy Space


Sun room

The sun room is organized to provide dedicated workshop areas for maths, writing, science and sharing books and stories.

sun room
Sun Room

We encourage children to access resources independently and to make links in their learning, for example, taking and writing party invitations in the writing area and creating a party in the home corner. We plan a wide range of focused activities and experiences that are led by adults in each of these spaces specifically geared to extending children skills in Literacy, Maths and Understanding the World (science and information technology) all of which are central to children’s learning and development in the early years. Within the sun room we always offer “a table for two” this is a dedicated space where two children can play alongside each other. We have found this space particularly supportive for children new to our setting or who are keen to establish initial relationship on a smaller scale.

Art room

The art room is organized into distinct areas and provides children with; a permanent 3D workshop area for making models, tactile area for messy play or using tactile materials like dough, an area for painting and an area for sand and water play.

These spaces are designed to provide a range of accessible resources for children to investigate. We plan a wide range of challenging and exciting experiences and for children to access independently and alongside an adult. Children are expected to develop the skills to work alone, in pairs and in small and larger groups. We provide lots of opportunities for children to work on a grand scale (using large pieces of paper/fabric/recycled materials) and to work collaboratively to create 2D and 3D work. Children love to make props to extend their play and we are keen that children have an opportunity to add to their models and can continue a piece of work across the week or weeks. Adjacent to the art room is a snack area which provides children with a space to help themselves to water, milk and a healthy snack and we also use this space to cook on a weekly basis.

Snack Area
Snack Area

Alongside the snack space is a cosy area for children to rest and relax.

Outside area

The outside area is designed to provide children with a range of experiences to promote their learning and development. We use the outside area in all weathers and believe it is vital that children have opportunities to learn outdoors. Some experiences can only happen outside e.g. looking at clouds, splashing in puddles, finding worms. The outside area is designed to provide a variety of experiences including: quieter spaces for sharing books and stories, a writing shed for children who like to write outside, an area where children can use brushes/rollers on a large scale, a space for music making, an area for large scale sand and water play, an area for large scale building using blocks, a space to find insects and creatures and climb trees, as well as, space for children to develop their motor skills (running, jumping, climbing, using bats/balls/ropes). As a staff team we plan as carefully for the outside space as we do for the inside classroom and we believe all areas of the early years curriculum can and should be taught outside. If you would like to find out more about why children play outside and what are the benefits of outside play please talk to your child’s key person.

We are proud of our nursery class but are always seeking ways to improve learning opportunities for children. If you have any comments or suggestion we welcome all feedback from children and parents. Please come and talk to your child’s key person or the Under Fives Manager.