Update: The Bridge @ Robert Blair Satellite

9 June 2017 

Dear Parents & Carers

As you are aware from our previous correspondence, consultations and communications over the last year, the school and our governing body have been working closely with The Bridge school and the Local Authority to explore an exciting new development which will improve both our school and LCR and SEND provision across our wider community of schools.

Along with this letter, you will receive information from The Bridge. The information is to explain and consult with you about The Bridge satellite schools. Robert Blair’s LCR become one of the satellites. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions and share your thoughts.

In summary, for our school and pupils, it would mean that the LCR becomes part of The Bridge Satellite @ Robert Blair.

On a day to day basis there would be little or no change for our pupils. They would continue to work across the school as they do now. The LCR would move eventually into a different part of the Robert Blair site – the part which is currently rented out to local businesses. Over time, the size of the LCR would increase in size from 20 to 30 pupils.

The advantages of these arrangements are that it increases the number of places for children with special needs in the LCR and for SEND pupils across the borough. The children would continue to be included in mainstream school activities which is important to many parents. As part of making these changes, improvements would be made to the rest of the school and building including the entrances, kitchen and dining room.

We are currently discussing starting this provision within the school in September whilst we plan and consult with you over site redevelopment. The LCR classes would continue to work in the classrooms as they do now.

In addition to the Bridge consultations, which we encourage you to attend, we are offering two opportunities for you to discuss share your thoughts, questions and queries at Robert Blair. These will be held on Wednesday 14 June at 9pm and 3pm. The Headteacher of The Bridge satellite schools will be attending both sessions. Dr Penny Barratt, the Executive Headteacher of The Bridge school will also be attending the 9am session.

If you are unable to make either of these sessions and/or would like to speak with me directly please make an appointment through the school office.

Best wishes

Michelle Bahn