Free early education for two year olds

To check if you are eligible a free fifteen hour a week place for your two year old look at the information on Islington Council’s website or ask a member of staff at the Children’s Centre.

If you are eligible your child can start the term after they have their second birthday.

We offer term time places at the beginning or end of the week;

Start of the week End of the Week
Monday 9.10-3.30pm

Tuesday 9.10-3.30pm

Wednesday 9.10-11.30am

Wednesday 1.10-3.30pm

Thursday 9.10-3.30pm

Friday 9.10-3.30pm

The Children’s Centre is open from 8am until 6pm and there is the option for families to buy extra hours if they choose to do so outside the free hours of their place. The rate charged for additional hours is based on an assessment of income. Please ask staff members for more information.