A soft start for the day!

We are now trialling the starting of each day with a ‘Soft Start’. This means when your child arrives at school they will be able to go straight to class where they will have the opportunity to organise themselves for the day and get ready for their learning. They will have time to put their bags and coats away independently, organise their book bags, homework or equipment and settle themselves to a quiet activity ready for registration. Research has shown that this approach has a positive impact on childrens readiness for learning at the start of the school day.
Teachers and members of the leadership team will be available to support your child to move to class independently and answer
any questions or queries you may have.
Children form years 1 to 6 will be able to move straight to class when they arrive at school. Reception children will be able to go
into class at 8.50am and Nursery children at 9am. For children in Nursery we ask that parents stay and support their child to
settle into class for the first 10 minutes of the day.
Please take the time to share your thoughts and feedback about this new initiative with the leadership and management team
who will be in the playground and in and around the school entrances at the start of each day.