Meet the Governors

What do governors do? School governors provide strategic leadership and accountability in schools. Their role is strategic, not operational. They work with the school to monitor and guide its efforts to raise the achievement of our pupils. Governors appoint the head teacher and deputy headteacher. It is governors who hold the main responsibility for finance in schools, and they work with the school to ensure that the needs of all people are met.


For more information: Governance_handbook_November_2015

At Robert Blair Primary School and Children’s Centre Services, governors meet once a term for the following committees (you can access the committees’ terms of reference by clicking on a committee’s name):

In addition, there is a full governing body meeting once a term.


  Term Start Term End Committee Membership
Chair of Governors      
Paul Convery  06/07/19  05/01/23 Curriculum Committee


Resources Committee


Michelle Bahn      Curriculum Committee


Resources Committee

Parent governors      
Stevie Ashton 10/03/20 09/03/24 Curriculum Committee

Emine Vitia


03/12/21 02/12/25 Curriculum Committee
Co-opted governors      
James Blythe 21/03/22 20/03/26

Vice Chair

Resources Committee

EY Link Governor

Andy Harrop 12/06/19 11/06/23

Resources Committee

Premises Link Governor

 Catherine Goodall 21/03/19 20/03/23

Vice Chair

Curriculum Committee

SEND Link Governor


Sarah Sturrock


21/03/19  20/03/23 Curriculum Committee
 Staff governors      


Folami Ashade


05/02/19 04/02/23 Curriculum Committee
Local Authority Governors      

Paul Convery

06/07/19 05/01/23 CHAIR

Minutes of governors’ meetings

If you wish to read the minutes of a committee meeting or of the full governing body meeting, please contact the school to receive a copy.

To contact the governors, please leave a note in the school office or email and specify “FAO Governors” in the object of your email.

Past governors at Robert Blair Primary School (last 12 months):

  • Katie Alexander – Parent Governor – Term: 4 Oct 2016 to 31 Dec 2017 (resigned);
  • Julie Braithwaite – Co-Opted Governor – Term: 7 Jan 2015 to 31 Dec 2017 (resigned);
  • Matt Evered – Co-Opted Governor – Term: 10 Nov 2015 to 31 Dec 2017 (resigned);
  • Wilf Langridge – Co-Opted Governor – Term: 3 March 2015 to 31 Dec 2017 (resigned);
  • Jennie Walker – Co-Opted Governor – Term: 16 November 2016 to 10 September 2018 (resigned);
  • Fiona Morrell -Co-Opted Governor – Term: 16 November 2016 to 25 July 2018 (resigned);

Governors code of conduct for web