We have launched the Year of the Growth Mindset!

YOGM reminders

Building on our previous work with the children in developing positive learning behaviours through resilience, this year we are focussing on Growth Mindsets – where children understand that their intelligence is not something that is fixed and cannot be changed, rather it can grow as they use it.

A child’s mindset, or personal view of their own intelligence, affects their motivation to learn and their aspiration to achieve. We are aiming for each child to develop a Growth Mindset where they love learning, they value effort and they persist in the face of obstacles.

Our school motto for The Year of Growth Mindset is:

All of us can achieve great things with

  • effort;
  • motivation;
  • perseverance; and
  • support.

Arts Week

Pupils and adults had a fantastic time during the Arts Week! You can visit the School Gallery to see some of their work.

You are invited to visit the art exhibition of the works produced by the children of Robert Blair during parents evenings on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd October.

This exhibition will to launch our year-long Brewery Rd Art Project on the theme of Belonging.