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Cooking in LCR2

As part of LCR’s learning about some countries in the rugby
world cup they did some cooking. They made sushi from Japan
and Anzac biscuits from New Zealand. Some of them had never
tried sushi before, some loved it and others were not so keen.

Play pod

Look at us having some fun with the play pod. We are playing together and helping each other.

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This term the children have been learning about Australia. We made and flew our own boomerangs. We create our own Aboriginal paintings. We went to the British Museum to see the Aboriginal Exhibition.  We learnt lots of interesting facts about the animals found in Australia.


Look at our wonderful work
Look at our wonderful work


Yoel showing us how to make a boomerang. It was a bit tricky.
Yoel showing us how to make a boomerang. It was a bit tricky.

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Making Gruffalo Crumble

Measuring the flour

DSC02862   DSC02856

Measuring the butter


Mixing the flour, butter and sugar

DSC02870 DSC02871

Cutting the apples


Slicing the blackberries


Stirring the apples, butter and sugar


Eating the crumble!!

DSC02875 DSC02877

LCR trip to Somerset House