Teachers use a topic based approach to the delivery of the curriculum; linking learning and core skills in a way which will capture the children’s interest. Trips are strongly encouraged. It is expected that every class has a school trip once per half term; many have much more than that. We are very well placed to access all the potential that London can offer with regard to museums, galleries and exhibitions. The school also employs specialist sports coaches and an environmental officer.

Key Stage 1 and 2

We follow the national curriculum in order to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

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Primary National Curriculum

Our themed approach enables whole phase topic enrichment ensuring that key skills in reading, writing, maths science and the arts are taught in a way which motivates and engages the children


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Curriculum Map 

PSHE Overview

EYFS Nursery and Reception

The EYFS curriculum is organised into six areas of learning: personal, social and emotional development; communication, language and literacy; mathematical development; knowledge and understanding of the world; physical development; and creative development. Some learning is led and structured by adults for the whole class together, some is led by adults working on focused activities with groups and some is initiated by children through play and exploration. Great emphasis and importance is placed on the environment which reflects the EYFS topic each half term and is designed to entice the children to participate in a range of learning activities. We follow the EYFS statutory framework and use ‘Development Matters’ which supports the implementation of the statutory framework by outlining the characteristics of effective learning and how best to promote these in an Early Years setting.

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EYFS Statutory Framework

Development Matters

Assessment in the EYFS is carried out through informal observations of the children participating in a range of activities.

Habits of Mind

Our school embraces the 16 ‘Habits of Mind’ as a way of clarifying educational aspirations and targets for our pupils. They provide a framework and common language for students, teachers, school leadership, parents and the wider school community to share when discussing and planning for the development of our thinking.

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Cooking in the Curriculum

Every child has the opportunity to cook at least once a term. You can find more information in the Cooking Curriculum Map.

Basic Skills

We place a strong emphasis on the development of basic skills – skills that are necessary for lifelong learning. We have ‘non-negotiable’ basic skills that are taught and expected to be applied.


Children have daily phonics lessons until they are secure in their knowledge.

We follow the Letters and Sounds scheme.