Curriculum Statement

We teach a broad and balanced curriculum which aims to meet the needs of all learners. English and maths have a high priority but we also ensure that children find challenge and success through other subjects that they learn in school, most of which are grouped into cross-curricular topics. Special curriculum weeks are planned from time to time including black history, science, health, arts and book weeks. Our curriculum fully meets the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Educational visits, usually linked to topics, are encouraged at least termly, taking full advantage of all that London and the surrounding area has to offer. Children take part in a residential school journey in year 6.

We work with a wide range of agencies to promote the arts, including ZooNation, who are based in the school, and many other local organisations.

Children usually take part in two hours of PE per week, which includes swimming. In year 4 children learn to play a musical instrument (currently cello, violin or viola), they may continue with this as an extra-curricular activity in years 5 and 6. Children in years 3 to 6 learn a modern foreign language (currently Spanish). A range of extra-curricular clubs are on offer every term.

Our curriculum drivers are aspiration, collaboration, creativity and resilience. Children are encouraged to;

  • Challenge themselves to do their best
  • Learn from positive high-achieving role models
  • Aspire to do well in life, in all senses
  • Work together and support each other
  • Think creatively
  • Develop self-esteem and confidence
  • Take risks and learn from their mistakes
  • Positively manage their anxieties

We encourage children to develop Growth Mindsets. Research shows us that children who believe that they can grow their abilities have greater motivation and higher achievement than children who believe their abilities are fixed.  Research also tell us that adults working with children can positively influence their mindsets.

If you want to learn more about the curriculum in early years, visit our Ethos and Approach page.