Teaching Literacy

WritingAt Robert Blair we:

  • Using quality texts as inspiration for our writing
  • Imitating quality texts in order to learn vocabulary and sentence structure
  • Innovating from these texts to create our own versions
  • Inventing our own texts
  • Then publishing our work

A variety of fiction and non-fiction genres are covered in each year group.

English Genre Overview 2018_2019

  • We follow the Letters and Sounds programme for Phonics.
  • Children have guided reading daily.
  • They read with an adult twice a week, once with their teacher and once with a teaching assistant. On other days they will be reading independently.
  • Children have comprehension lessons once a week.
  • Children from year 4-6 can bring a school library book home.
  • Children are expected to read every day at home. You can access resources to read at home, as well as some information for parent/carer by visiting this page.

Speaking and listening

Speaking and listening opportunities are embedded into all areas of literacy, and these may include drama, hot-seating, collaborative work, presenting and imitating texts.


  • Children are taught spelling rules (and phonics in KS1) 3 or 4 times a week.
  • Children have a spelling test once a week.


  • Children are taught handwriting once a week.
  • Children will be taught joined handwriting from year 2.
  • We use the Nelson scheme to teach handwriting.