Important Safeguarding Information

Dear Parents and Carers,
Please support us to keep your children safe on their journey to, and from, school. Thank you to all parents and carers who ensure children arrive and are collected from school on time and in the playground. We ask that all children are brought into the school grounds and enter the school before accompanying adults leave the school grounds.

It is important that all children arriving at school and waiting at the one of the gates before 8.45am, are accompanied by an adult. Please inform the school if your child is in year 6 and, as part of their preparation for secondary school, you would like them to travel to or from school themselves. We do not recommend children younger than year 6 travel to or from school alone. You will need to arrange an appointment, through the school office, with a member of the leadership team if you would like to discuss a younger child coming to school without an adult.

It is also very important that all children arriving unaccompanied before 8.45am use the office entrance and sign in to breakfast club if they arrive before the gates open. A number of children are arriving at school early and waiting at the gates unaccompanied. This morning there were 4 children unaccompanied waiting at 8.20am, which I am sure you will agree is unsafe.

The school is working hard with the local community to ensure the roads are safe for our children and families. You will have noticed that traffic officers are regularly monitoring and attending to traffic issues that parents and carers have raised. It has been passed on to us that some parents, carers and children are not using the Zebra crossings and traffic signals and crossing the road unsafely. We have spoken about this with the children in assembly. Please support us to keep your children safe by using the zebra crossings and traffic crossing signals when crossing our busy roads.

We appreciate your support and thank you for working with us to ensure your child arrives at school safely and on time ready to enjoy the school day.

Please speak with a member of staff if you have any further questions or queries.

Best wishes

Michelle Bahn