We promote and support safe ‘e-behaviours’ in school following school e-safety procedures. This includes the promotion of:

  • safe use of e-mail;
  • safe use of Internet including use of internet-based communication services, such as instant messaging and social network;
  • safe use of school network, equipment and data;
  • safe use of digital images and digital technologies, such as mobile phones and digital cameras;
  • safe publication of pupil information/photographs and use of the school website;
  • eBullying / cyberbullying procedures; and
  • clear teachers’ roles in providing e-safety education for pupils.

E-Safety is recognised as an essential in this school and the Head, with the support of Governors, supports the embedding of safe practices into the culture of the school. The Computing Lead ensures that the Policy is implemented and compliance with the Policy is monitored.

Staff are updated about e-safety matters at least once a year. We include e-safety in the curriculum and ensure that every pupil has been educated about safe and responsible IT use. Pupils need to know how to minimise online risks and how to report a problem. We also make efforts to engage with parents over e-safety matters and offer advice and information.

Our E-Safety Policy can be viewed on our Policies and Procedures page.