School Visits and Trips

FairPlay House Residential stay

Year 6 will be leaving on Wednesday 3rd June at 9.30am to go to Fairplay House. Pupils will be able to take part in high ropes, sailing, caving and orienteering. They will arrive back Friday 5th June at 3pm. We wish them a safe journey.


Educational Visits

Most classes will take part in at least three educational visits each year to extend and enrich work going on in classrooms. Some visits will take place very locally to parks, shops or streets around school.

We also make full use of the range of art galleries, museums and places of interest that London has to offer. We occasionally go further afield to the countryside or even the seaside.

We are usually able to benefit from free transport for school on London Transport services.

We aim to keep the costs of these visits to a minimum. Classes will often fundraise to help to pay for a more expensive trip. We are able to organise many trips to be completely free of charge.


Residential School Journeys

In year 6, we encourage every child to take part in a residential school journey. Currently, we usually take our children to Fairplay House Outdoor Education Centre in Essex (see after they have completed SATs in late May or June.

School journeys support the work that children undertake in the classroom. They provide children with a valuable opportunities to develop independence and confidence together with a range of experiences of outdoor adventurous activities we are not able to provide in school.

Parents are asked to contribute to cost of board and lodging, travel, in accordance with our Charging and Remissions Policy. The Governing Body subsidise at least 50% of the cost of the school journey to make it as affordable as possible for parents.

Our Off-site Activities Policy can be viewed on our Policies and Procedures page.