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Healthy eating parent course – December 2015

Congratulations to all the parents and carers who completed their OCN certificate entry level 1 for this course, Using local and seasonal produce.

Shop, cook and eat

A big thank you to the parents that attended the “Shop, cook and eat” session on Tuesday. The staff room was full of delicious smells and I noticed quite a lot of staff sneaking a crafty taste of all the fabulous food! The session was run in collaboration with colleagues from Islington’s Housing Partnership and Communities Team and our local Sainbury’s food store. If it has sparked your interested we will be running “Healthy Eating for Families” in conjunction with Islington Adult and Community Learning starting on 28th September at 9.15am . If you are interested in these sessions or have ideas for the kinds of adult learning opportunities you would like to see please come and see Shahala, Parbin or Elizabeth.


Sewing Group Picnic

Sewing group organised a summer picnic in Regents Park to enable members of the group to come together enjoy the weather and share some wonderful food. The sewing group is thriving and continues to meets every Tuesday afternoon and is open to anyone who wants to learn new skills or share their existing knowledge with others. You do not have to be a Robert Blair parent or carer to attend the group but we do ask for a small contribution towards the cost of the sewing teacher who provides support for group. If you would like to find out more please come along or talk to Parbin who is available in school on a Tuesday.


DIY workshop for parents

A huge thank you to the parents and carers that attended the DIY workshop on 24/2/15. The course covered a huge range of practical skills including; unblocking sinks, identifying leaks, tiling, replacing light fittings, “making good” plaster and painting. Thank you for your feedback which suggested it was a really useful day which taught specific skills but also built your confidence to tackle basic DIY issues on your own. The workshop was a joint project between ourselves, Islington Housing Partnership and Communities Team and Breyer Group PLC which is repairs and maintenance company. They were very impressed by the group and how responsive you all were. They would be keen to work with us again in the future. Please come and speak to Parbin, Shahala or Elizabeth if you have more comments, suggestions or ideas for future workshops. As learners you are great role models for your children (I think they also loved seeing you in school in your CIS paper suits!) and are certainly proof that in the year of the growth mindset “We learn new things as often as we can”!

How Children Learn in Nursery and Reception

Thank you to the parents that attended “How children Learn in Nursery and Reception” from 19/1/15 to 2/3/15. We hope you gained a valuable insight into how the Early Years Foundation Stage works, the ways in which children learn in the early years and how as parents you can support your child with learning at home. We are fortunate to be able to run this course in partnership with ACL (Islington Adult and Community Learning) and drawing on the expertise of Gill in nursery. The children were so excited to come and join you for part of the session and we know they loved learning things alongside you. It was wonderful to see so many adults and children having fun learning together. If you would like more information about the course or would be keen to attend family learning sessions in the future please come and see Gill. If it has inspired you we would encourage you to have a look at the school website, especially the nursery and reception class pages, for further tips and ideas for extending learning at home. If you are keen to follow up Beth’s two sessions looking at the teaching of phonics, the reception class page has some good ideas and she is always very keen to talk through individual questions with parents. We will we running more family learning workshops and courses in the summer term so watch this space for further details.

Everyday First Aid Workshop

Congratulations to all the parents that completed the British Red Cross Everyday First Aid Workshop. We hope the course helped you to gain valuable skills and to learn the basic skills to help children, family members and the wider community stay safe and well. If you weren’t able to attend on the day but would be interested in learning first aid skills please come and see Parbin for further information about future workshops.