Profile Books

What is a profile book?

Profile books are an on-going record of children’s experiences, achievements and development charting their time at Robert Blair. Profile books record moments of joy, pleasure, excitement, risk taking, involvement and concentration. They record children’s achievements over time and help them to reflect on what they “can do”. Profile books are used throughout the Under 5’s provision at Robert Blair and form an essential bridge between home and the Children’s Centre/School.

What can go into the profile book?

Anything can go into the profile book which is of importance to your child and will support their development. Photographs are used widely in the profile books, photographs from home – pictures of your family, friends and all the special people involved in your child’s life. While your child attends Robert Blair your Key person will include lots of photographs of everyday experiences and activities that take place at the Children’s Centre/School and also any significant pieces of work (paintings, collages and drawings). We strongly encourage parents to take the profile book home during evenings and weekends to share it together and we warmly welcome any contributions, such as, tickets, holiday brochures, party invites, pictures of new babies, pets, celebrations etc.

Who does the profile book belong to?

First and foremost the profile book belongs to your child, they are kept at child height and are always accessible to children. Children love to share their profile books with other children, parents, other family members and visitors to the setting. Don’t become anxious if the profile book gets a little well-thumbed (with our youngest babies we would expect them to be a little chewed!) this is a good indication that they are well used. The profile book also belongs to you as the parent/carer so please make contributions and take the book home to share.  Your child’s key person will work hard to ensure the profile is of a high standard, reflects the child’s progress and supports the on-going dialogue between home and the Children’s Centre/School.

What can I do to get the most out of the profile book?

  • Take the book home regularly.
  • Share the book together at home.
  • Add photos, leaflets, tickets, drawings, important objects (leaves, feather, badges, stickers etc.), anything that is significant to your child.
  • Write in your own comments about things you have noticed s/he does at home. For example if we have been bathing babies at the centre and your child has been washing dollies at home write it down. Write down what they have said: “baby needs a bath” etc.

Parents voice

Inside the profile book you will find parents voice stickers. They are really important. You can use them to record what your child has been learning at Nursery and at home.