The Key Person approach

What is a “key person”?

All children who attend the under fives provision at Robert Blair have an identified “Key Person”. The key person is a special adult who gets to know your child really well, discovers their likes, dislikes and helps them to feel really comfortable and secure in their new environment. In addition, they support parents and carers into becoming more familiar with our Centre/School and are available to talk, answer questions and share daily information about how your child is growing and developing.

How does the key person system work?

You will meet your key person during your child’s homevisit to help establish a first link between your child at home and the children’s centre/school. We will provide you with a picture of your key person and the other significant adults so you can begin to talk to your child about the new people s/he is going to meet. The key person will be available during your child’s settling in period and will support your child’s transition in to the Children’s Centre/school. Part of the role of the key person is to observe and listen to your child and to record their needs, interests and passions. They will use this knowledge to help your child learn new things, make connections in their learning and help them to become more confident to try new experiences. Your child’s key person will record their observations and share them with you. Please talk to us about the kinds of things your child likes to do at home and how they sleep, eat and play. All this information helps us build a more complete picture of your child and enables us to ensure all your child’s needs are met. Your child’s key person will share information informally with you on an on-going basis, but there will also be more formal opportunities to meet termly with the key person and discuss progress and to share records and profile books.

Will my key person change?   

Your key person will change as you move from room to room e.g. baby room to toddler room, toddler room to nursery, nursery to reception. Your key person will ensure records are shared when children transfer to the next stage and children are given lots of opportunities to spend time in their new room and become familiar with new people and routines.

What can I do to support this relationship between my child and their key person?

  • Talk regularly to your key person. Dropping-off and picking-up times are often very busy, but you can arrange a time to meet.
  • Share information about what is happening at home (no piece of information is too small!).
  • Do not be concerned or upset if your child builds a close and loving relationship with their key person. This will help them feel relaxed, happy and enable them to get the most out of their experience at the Children’s Centre/School.