At Robert Blair Primary School we have the highest possible expectations for all our children. We aim to provide a happy, caring and safe environment which stimulates children’s natural curiosity and allows them to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding.

We want children to develop independence, co-operate with others and communicate in a range of situations whilst learning the skills needed to progress through school and future life.

Children in our nursery class are working within the Early Years Foundation Stage and working within the Early Years Curriculum ( click the link to: EYFS Statutory Framework and Development Matters).

There are seven areas of learning in the Early Years Curriculum:

The prime areas which are:

Communication and Language,

Personal, Social and Emotional Development,

Physical Development,

The specific areas which are:



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design

In nursery there is a large emphasis is on developing the prime areas through a high quality play curriculum and provision based on children’s needs and interests.

There is a balance between child initiated and adult led activities as well as daily phonics, mathematics and language sessions to support children’s key learning and development.

At Robert Blair we also believe in the importance of learning in the outside classroom and children have access to a range of different experiences, resources and activities in the nursery garden.

If you would like to apply for a nursery place click here.