The progress check at aged 2

The progress check at aged 2 is a short written summary of a child’s development when they are aged between 24 months and 36 months. The aim of the progress check is to:

  • Review the child’s progress in the 3 prime areas of learning
  • Enable staff to understand the child’s needs and put plans in place to meet these needs
  • Enable parents to understand their child’d needs and to enhance learning and development at home
  • Reflect on children’s strengths and areas for development and to describe any actions needed to address any developmental concerns

At Robert Blair Primary school and Children’s Centre Services we use a format recommended by the Islington Early Years Team. It enables us to focus on the “Characteristics of Effective Learning” as well as, the 3 prime areas Communication and Language, Personal Social and Emotional Development and Physical development. We provide written feedback based on our on going observations of children in the setting, as well as, information provided by parents and carers.

Where ever possible we try and provide families with an “Integrated Review” this is an opportunity for the parent or carer, family’s health adviser and key person to jointly discuss the health and education needs of the child and to complete the review collaboratively. The integrated review also includes a pre-review questionaire (ASQ’s) which is completed by parents.

If you would like further information about The Progress Check at Aged 2 please talk to your child’s key person or the Under 5s Manager.

Further information about The Progress Check at Aged 2 is available on line at: