Saying Goodbye

It is very important that you say goodbye when you are parting – your child needs to know you are leaving so please don’t “sneak out” when they are busy playing, however tempting this may seem. Be upbeat and positive in your tone of voice and reassure them you will be coming back and leave straight away. Long partings or coming and then going can confuse your child and makes the process of leaving more difficult. You are always welcome to come and sit in the foyer or the parents/community room to collect your thoughts and staff will always give feedback on how your child has settled. Once your child has settled in the Children’s Centre/School they may have days when they feel a “bit wobbly” and take time to settle in the morning you are very welcome to stay longer in each room until they are settled. We are always happy to telephone parents if you would like some reassurance or an update on how your child has settled during the morning particularly if it has been a challenging start to the day. Parents are always welcome to telephone 0207 607 4115 to enquire about their child.