All new parents in baby room, toddler room and nursery class are offered a homevisit before starting at the Children’s Centre/School. This provides an excellent opportunity for you and your child to meet centre staff in an environment in which your child feels relaxed and confident. Homevisits play a positive part in helping children make that important first link between home and the Children’s Centre/School. The homevisit will be led by your child’s key person and provides an opportunity for you to ask any questions or raise any concerns. All questions are equally valid – especially when you are new to the Centre/School – so please feel free to ask anything and share as much information with us as you can. Your child’s key person will be an important first point of contact for you and your child throughout their time at Robert Blair. During the homevisit s/he will get a chance to find out all about your child’s likes, dislikes, sleeping and eating routines, comforters, passions and interests.