Use your Parent Voice!

Ofsted offers the service Parent View, an online questionnaire that allows parents and carers to give your views on your child’s school at any time of the year. We are strongly encouraging you to take part in the questionnaire.

Covering over 22,000 schools across England, the 12-question survey helps other parents as they make important choices about their child’s education and provides Ofsted with information about schools that will help inform priorities for inspection.

The questionnaire covers a range of topics, including quality of teaching, bullying, behaviour and levels of homework, allowing parents to give a view about their child’s school on each issue, with a final question as to whether or not they would recommend the school to other parents.

Click on the image above to access Parent View.

Year 6 gearing up for the Six Nations

Year 6 are preparing themselves for the Six Nations, by learning tag rugby. The children are very enthusiastic and showing great skill.




A selective few will be representing Robert  Blair at an Islington Tag Rugby Tournament on the 13th February at Whittington Park. Please come along and cheer them on!

Hopefully we will come back to school with a trophy!


Internet safety parents’/carers’ workshop on 10th February

Tuesday 10th February is international ‘Safer Internet Day’.  We would like to invite you to an internet safety workshop for parents/carers in the middle hall on that day, running 9:10am – 10:10am.  Mr Murphy will share with you key information about internet safety and discuss how you can help keep your children safe online at home.

Here at school the children will be taking part in a number of internet safety activities throughout that week, culminating in an internet safety show and tell assembly on the Friday, 9:20am, which you are also very welcome to attend.

We hope to see as many parents/carers as possible at the internet safety parents’/carers’ workshop on 10th February – there is no need to book, just turn up!  Parents/carers attending any workshops at the school this year will be given a raffle ticket for each attendance and at the end of the year we will draw the raffle to see who has won an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet!

Discovering the Brain

Our children had their first assembly of the Year of the Growth Mindset on discovering the brain.

They learnt that our brain contains billions of neurons; some of these are connected and some others are floating about. Neurons have an important role: when we learn something new, neurons connect together. The better we know something, the stronger the connection! We saw that if someone decides that an activity is just to hard and gives up, the connection between neurons will stay weak or break completely.


Following this assembly, we set up the Spring behaviour for learning goal: WE TAKE RISKS IN ORDER TO IMPROVE OUR LEARNING 



We have launched the Year of the Growth Mindset!

YOGM reminders

Building on our previous work with the children in developing positive learning behaviours through resilience, this year we are focussing on Growth Mindsets – where children understand that their intelligence is not something that is fixed and cannot be changed, rather it can grow as they use it.

A child’s mindset, or personal view of their own intelligence, affects their motivation to learn and their aspiration to achieve. We are aiming for each child to develop a Growth Mindset where they love learning, they value effort and they persist in the face of obstacles.

Our school motto for The Year of Growth Mindset is:

All of us can achieve great things with

  • effort;
  • motivation;
  • perseverance; and
  • support.

News and events

Have you recently check the school calendar? We have added some workshops including:

  • Supporting Children Learn in Nursery and Reception, a 6 weeks course starting Monday 19 January
  • How good are you at relaxing? on Tuesday 20 January
  • Safer Internet Day Parents’ Workshop on Tuesday 10 February
  • DIY workshop on Tuesday 24 February

For more information about these events and to book your place, please talk to someone at Reception or the Under 5s manager.

We have also just launched a new initiative to encourage parents/carers to attend information, training and development events at the school. From Monday 19th January, any parents/carers attending information, training and development events will receive a raffle ticket for each event they attend. At the end of the school year the raffle will be drawn to see which parent/carer has won a Kindle Fire HD 7 (8GB) tablet. See the letter for more information on the events eligible for the raffle.

Does the school have your email address?

Robert Blair Primary School is now using an email service to communicate with all parents. Newsletters, letters to parents and other information will be sent by emails. It will help us reducing our impact on the environment.

This term, we will be using both emails and paper copies as we are in a transition period. However from April we are hoping to have collected email addresses from all parents; we will then stop using paper copies.

If you have not provided the school with your email address yet, you can still send it to together with the name and class of your child.