Our Learning & Expectations

We are ready, safe and mindful.

This is how we put learning first:

  • We work hard and are dedicated to achieving our best
  • We follow instructions the first time they are given
  • We listen and respect others’ opinions
  • We don’t waste ours and others’ learning time
  • We work with others sensibly, using our people skills

This is how we support each other:

  • We treat others fairly and respectably
  • We don’t hurt others physically or emotionally
  • We don’t tolerate bullying
  • We are polite, understanding and can handle challenges with growing maturity
  • We are kind and thoughtful to others and help when we can

This is how we are responsible:

  • We wear our correct school uniform all the time
  • We arrive at school on time and ready for our learning
  • We make sure that we have all the equipment we need to learn
  • We read every day and always bring our reading record to school
  • We complete our homework on time
  • We move around the school calmly and sensibly
  • We focus on our learning and push ourselves to be challenged
  • We look at the person talking and listen
  • We play fairly and don’t hurt others
  • We try different foods at lunch, have a colourful plate and make healthy choices

This is how we care for our environment:

  • We respect our school, its environment and equipment
  • We are proud of our school and how it looks
  • We contribute by keeping organised, tidy classrooms and looking after our school displays