The School Council

Our school council is a formal group of pupils who are elected by their peers to represent all children and their views. The school has a formal process that children have to follow to be elected as School Councillors. They provide a meaningful way in which our pupils can voice their opinions and have their views taken into account in decisions which impact upon them.

Our active school council is key area for providing ‘Learning for Life and Work’ through active participation.  The national curriculum requires that young people are provided with opportunities to participate in school and society. The school council is an excellent to increase participation, teaching young people about democracy, local and global citizenship and accountability. It supports, nurtures and helps to improve many aspects of school life and is an important way we provide pupil leadership and development opportunities for our pupils.

The school council meet fortnightly. All staff are expected to actively promote and support the school council to facilitate class meetings, activities and events. This is to ensure development of communication skills and the vehicle for the school council to share, plan and execute their ideas across the school is maximised.

“As a school council I will help improve the school by listening to your wonderful ideas.”

“As your school council I will be ready to help everyone at Robert Blair and be great role model. I will also explain what the school expectations are.”

“As the school Councillor I will speak nice and aloud, meaning I will speak up for my peers and share their ideas with the school. I will be a role model for the children and follow the school rules.”

“As your school Councillor I will be a role model, I will help children by sharing my ideas and listening to your ideas at Robert Blair School.”

“I chose to be a school council because U like to help children. I will come up with good solutions for problems and help improve the school.”

“As your school Councillor I will be a good role model for all the children. I will improve the school with your ideas and I will make sure you are ready, Safe and mindful.”