Our Vision and Values

We care for each other and work together.

Our vision is that all pupils strive for the highest possible achievement to be the best they can be. They value and respect themselves, others, their local, national and global community and that they are passionate about learning and pursuing excellence. We believe outcomes must reflect a deep level of learning evidenced in learnt skills and knowledge being explicitly transferred across subjects and areas of learning.

Every pupil leaves Robert Blair ‘Year 7 ready’ which means they can confidently access the next stage in their education. They do this by demonstrating:

  • strength in their national and cultural identity
  • aspiration for themselves, and in others, to achieve more
  • positive choices and creating opportunities to be the best they can be
  • that they can be an active participant and citizen towards creating a strong civil society
  • they can be productive, valued and competitive in the world
  • tolerance, empathy and an acceptance of the diversity of others and their positive role in our community

We have high expectation of children’s behaviour. Our approach and ethos is closely linked to ‘Habits of Mind’ to support and develop our pupils. ‘Habits of Mind’ are an encapsulation of attitudes and dispositions towards learning and underpin the deeper moral values of the school to support independence in learning. They extend into every area of school life ensuring pupils understand expected behaviours and have the opportunity to make good and thoughtful decisions.

Respect for others is central to our vision and encompasses the values of empathy, inclusiveness, friendship, fairness, embracing diversity and valuing learning. We expect all staff and adults to be aware of, and model, our core values of respect, integrity and positivity.

We respect the global community by

  • Valuing justice, peace, citizenship, human rights, guardianship and conservation
  • Participating actively in our communities and looking after our environment
  • Working towards a better future not just for our children but for all things and for all time