School governors provide strategic leadership and accountability in schools. Their role is not operational.

They work with the school to monitor and guide its efforts to raise the achievement of our pupils. Governors appoint the head teacher and deputy headteacher. It is governors who hold the main responsibility for finance in schools, and they work with the school to ensure that the needs of all people are met.

Governors meet once a term for the following committees (you can access the committees’ terms of reference by clicking on a committee’s name):

In addition to these committee meetings, there is also a full governing body meeting once a term.

Below is a list of current Robert Blair Governors. You can find out more about Governor attendance and declarations of interest by clicking here.

Name Role / Committee Date Appointed Term of office Appointed by
Nicole Advani 6.7.23 6.7.23 – 5.7.27 Co-opted Gov
Ezekiel Aluko 11.10.23 11.10.23-10.10.27 Staff Governor
Michelle Bahn 1.9.15 Headteacher
Paul Convery Chair of Gov / Curriculum 15.5.15 6.7.23 – 5.7.27 Local Authority Gov
Andy Harrop Vice Chair / Finance 12.6.19 12.6.23 – 11.6.27 Co-opted Governor
Simon Hoyle Safeguarding 6.7.23 6.7.3-5.7.27 Co-opted Governor
Shazia Khanom Observer
Denise McCarney 6.7.23 6.7.23 – 5.7.27 Co-opted Governor
John Mills 6.7.23 6.7.23 – 5.7.27 Co-opted Governor
Elizabeth Rarieya Observer
Buffy Sharpe 6.7.23 6.7.23-5.7.27 Co-opted Governor
Leyla Sincar-Akay 22.9.23 22.9.23 – 21.9.27 Parent Governor
Emine Vitia 3.12.21 3.12.21 – 2.12.25 Parent Governor