Science is taught across the school by our class teachers. We make sure that Science Units are taught in a logical sequence to create a learning journey from Early Years to Year 6, and ensure lessons are meaningful for children by building on the skills and knowledge they have already learned in previous years.

Click here to see our Science Curriculum Overview and our Science Skills Progression Map

We aim to ensure our Science curriculum develops both the factual knowledge of science as well as the skills needed to think and work like scientists. Our lessons are practical: children carry out scientific investigations to develop their science skills including:

  • asking questions
  • making predictions
  • setting up tests
  • observing and measuring
  • recording data
  • interpreting and communicating results
  • evaluating

It is important that children are given opportunities to really immerse themselves into Science topics so that they can make links across Scientific areas and make connections with other subjects. This helps children deepen their understanding of how Science relates to different aspects of life. Children are naturally curious and we encourage this inquisitive nature and foster healthy curiosity in our pupils about themselves, natural phenomena and the world around them whilst promoting respect for all living and non-living things.


When children leave us will:

  • Have built up both the knowledge and skills to enable them to understand how science can be used to explain what is happening around them,
  • Make predictions and analysis.
  • Be able to articulate scientific concepts clearly using relevant scientific language.
  • Have garnered a range of learning experiences that will have developed their excitement and their curiosity, which will ensure they continue to ask questions and use the relevant skills needed to investigate further.
  • Know that scientific understanding changes develop over time and will always continue to do so.
  • Demonstrate a full and rounded understanding of the world which will impact their lives, influence the choices that they make so that through their actions they are able to make the world a better place.