Vision and Aspirations

Over the last seven years the school has worked hard to improve the quality of what we can offer, become more outward facing and to contribute positively as part of the local community.

Moving forward we face the challenge of ensuring our sustainability and economic viability in a changing context given:

  • The size of our building and one form entry status
  • The instability around projected pupil numbers across the borough
  • The challenges of recruitment and retention within inner city London
  • The increased teacher workload and impact on wellbeing
  • The developing Knowledge corridor within which we operate

Our aim is to develop a ‘creative knowledge hub’ by developing strong relationships with the local community and deploying the top floor of our building to:

  • further develop our STEAM* centred curriculum capacity to improve the quality of our provision
  • provide support and mutually beneficial opportunities to adults working in the world of education, science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics, pupils, their families and our wider community
  • provide opportunities to share skills across the STEAM & education sector
  • ensure the school and its stakeholders have access to quality arts experiences to improve outcomes and the sustainability of our curriculum approach
  • provide space for developing STEAM providers to grow their skills whilst building on their economic capacity
  • to expose our pupils and wider community to opportunities within the world of work

Through developing a creative knowledge hub, the school aims to develop a mutually beneficial space with our local community and its developing knowledge sector. Our vision is to ensure the relationship between all parties’ results in the sharing of transferable skills, sustainability and increased opportunities for all.

*STEAM: Science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics