We welcome all applications to the school. Admissions to the Children’s Centre and for Years 1 – 6 are handled differently from application for places in our Reception class. Please see below for more details. The deadline for applications for a place in Reception starting September 2024 is 15 January 2024.

Application for places in Reception

All applications for Reception Class places at Robert Blair are dealt with by Islington admissions. Please click on the link below to apply online:

Key Dates:

15th January 2024 – application deadline (We recommend you apply by 12 January, just in case there are any problems with getting online or logging into the site.)
16th April 2024 – offer day. You will be notified of your result via the e-admissions website. The result of your application will be available from 5pm. You can accept your place immediately through e-admissions.

Application for places in Years 1 – 6

In-Year admissions must be applied for online at

The school will be notified by email that you have applied for a place. The school office will then make contact to arrange a meeting to discuss the admission further. If accepted, you will need to complete all paperwork and provide relevant documentation prior to your child starting. It is essential that the school has everything in place before a child starts Robert Blair to ensure a smooth transition. You will then be taken for a tour of the school and introduced to your child’s class and class teacher (if available).