Welcome to our Reception Class! The adults in our class are Megan Millane, Lyn Walls and Fathima Sultan Mohamed.


See What We’ve Been Up To

This week the children have all enjoyed our science week and have been involved of lots of different science activities.

On Monday we learnt about materials/ objects that can float and those that will sink when put into water.  The children enjoy predicting which objects would float and which objects would sink and as a whole class we recorded our findings on a chart.

We talked about why we thought the object would float or sink and talked about the different materials, whether they were heavy, light, dense, solid, absorbable, their shapes and why they sank or floated.

During Tuesday science teaching, the children were learning about materials that change from liquid to a solid and then investigating to see if the material  could then change back to liquid.  They had a lot of fun exploring the ice blocks and were able explain how they have had changed from a liquid to a solid and then back to a liquid over time. We also looked at bread and made some toast and noticed that bread once toasted is not a reversable material.  Finally, the children made some Angel Delight, noting how the powder changed to liquid once the milk was added and whisked and then when it was put into the fridge how it then became semi solid.  They then tasted the Angel Delight and nearly all of the children thought it  yummy!

On Wednesday we were learning about planting and what plants need to grow.  We learnt how to plant some herbs and planted rosemary, basil, coriander and mint for our outdoor area. We also looked at where different fruits and vegetables grow, on trees (oranges, avocados) , in the ground (carrots, potatoes) , on a plant (tomatoes, runner beans).  The children enjoyed smelling the different herbs and planting them ready for our outdoor area.

Thursday’s science teaching was learning about how different foods have different types of seeds and stones.  The children cut the various fruits and looked at how they were all different in texture, an oranges grows into segments and have small pips in them, avocados are creamy and soft in texture with a large stone in the centre.  We also looked at mango’s  plums and nectarines.  The children then used their senses of taste and smell to blind fold taste the various foods to try and identify what they were tasting and describing how it tasted using lots of different adjectives.


On Friday the children made posters of their favourite science activity.


Finally, we are excited to invite parents to our end of Reception Graduation Ceremony which will be held on Thursday 11th July at 2.30 pm in our downstair dining hall.  This graduation celebration will be an occasion for the children to reflect on their year in Reception before they move into Key Stage 1. The children will start rehearsing for this celebration next week.

Thank you for your continued support.

Megan, Fathima and Lyn.