The school operates four houses which encourage a sense of friendly competitive school spirit and offers a way for students and staff to feel more connected and involved with the school community.

Children of different ages and classes come together in their Houses as part of our day-to-day organisation, and for meetings and events. This helps children to support each other across age groups which is beneficial for all.

Houses support the creation of teams to further develop our pastoral care through a sense of team spirit and internal competition. There are a range of events and activities for which House points can be awarded – competitions, challenges, behavioural incentives, and opportunities to share talents, skills and abilities. This encourages pride, kindness and peer support as children work together in vertical groups supporting and co-operating together.

All children and staff except for the senior leadership team are placed in houses. Siblings and/or children living together are placed in the same house.

House Captains are elected in the autumn term and they work with house (staff)  leads to ensure pupil voice is added to the organisation of routines and events.

At the end of each term the house cup is awarded to the house with the most points. At the end of the year the winning house overall is presented with the house cup – which is a very exciting time!

House Leaders
Chris Marsh (LSA Y5) and Ezekiel Aluko (CT Y3)

Cally Bridge House Points: 442

House Leaders
Marjana Tarofdar (CT Y1) and Lyn Walls-House Leader (LSA Y1)

Clock Tower House Points: 296

House Leaders
Parul Akthar-Hossain (Y2) and Victoria Johnson (CT Y4)

Paradise Park House Points: 524

House Leaders
Shakil Hoque ( LSA Y6) and Eva Brooks (CT Y2)

Market Road House Points: 271