Habits of Mind

Habits of Mind are thoughtful learning behaviours demonstrated through pupils’ attitudes and dispositions to learning.

This framework for thinking, is an essential tool needed for 21st century learning. When we commit to growing our own learning habits both individually, as a school and as a learning community, we become more thoughtful, responsive, and innovative. Over the years during many social, political, scientific, and economic changes, the 16 Habits of Mind and their application in practice supports our thinking to grow.

Our staff actively capture opportunities to promote our ‘Habits of Mind’ (at an age-appropriate level) through modelling, monitoring, supporting children in developing independence. We want our pupils to become productive and valued contributors in the day to day life of the school.

These ‘Habits of Mind’ allow us to cope with the complex and rapidly changing world. They are powerful tools we can all use to intelligently navigate the moral, ethical and spiritual challenges we encounter in our increasing complex world. www.habitsofmindinstitute.org/learning-the-habits/