Our 3 School Rules

“be ready in school and have your pen, pencil, rules and equipment” – Rudayna, Year 6

“be ready for subjects, have your white board ready” – Hisham, Year 5

“be ready for learning” – Gifanie, Year 3

“have a good mindset for what you are going to learn and be in school uniform” – Mariam, Year 6

“you need to think if what you are going to do is right” – Hisham, Year 5

“If your classmates are doing a test, you need to be mindful” – Gifanie Year 3

“keep the noise down because other classes might be finding it loud in their classroom’” – Lolamae Year 5

“think before you act, don’t say anything rude” – Esma Year 3

“don’t run around the school” – Nisa, Year 6

“when you are on trips look left and right for cars before crossing” – Gifanie, Year 3

“look before you go up and down the stairs” – Fahmida, Year 4

“don’t climb on things you are not suppose to” – Mariam, Year 6

“if there is a fire alarm listen to your teachers” – Hisham, Year 6