Welcome to our Nursery Class! The adults in our class are Stephen Ramdial, Delrose Lee Ryan and Hannah Jonathan.

See what we’ve been up to:

This week our children have roared with enthusiasm as we have been learning about the The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright.

In the creative arts we have made craft mice and drawn pictures of the Lion and the Mouse in the story using a variety of mark making utensils as well as on the IWB.

The children have worked on using one handed tools such as scissors to cut straight lines on strips of paper and then created a pattern to form the lions mane. In Maths we have explored the language of weight through comparing the weight of different objects using a balancing scale. Phonics has continued to breed budding readers as we have learned new sounds, read new words and tried to segment and write new words. Next week we look forwarding to learning about the Artic in Oliver Jeffers Lost and Found and exploring Easter through the creative arts. Parents, please feel welcome to join us on Thursday morning from 9:15 – 10:15 AM for our Easter craft morning, which will be held in Nursery and Reception.

Please look on your child’s journal on Tapestry and share more about your child’s learning outside school and at home.