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Profile Session

Thank you to all the parents and carers that attended the profile session this morning. We know our children love to share their books with you and to talk about what they have been learning in school.


This time we asked parents to think about 3 things that their child has learnt at home to put on “parent voice” stickers. Here are some examples :

“Lily and I love make up stories about a little girl called Lily who becomes a princess”.  This is really useful information as it tells us that Lily is great at listening to stories even if they don’t have pictures.

“Ahmad can count to 10 with my help in Kurdish and English”. This is very useful for Ahmad’s key person. We celebrate his skills in Kurdish and it helps us understand the support he might need to continue with his counting.

“Mohammed taught himself a song on the I-Pad. He listens to it a lot and does the action”. This short sticker tells us so much. We know Mohammed enjoys songs, has favourite songs, uses I.T (information technology) at home and is independent in his learning and keen to choose and repeat the things he wants to learn. This helps us get a really rounded picture of Mohammed and we can plan his next steps maybe he would like to teach us the song using the whiteboard in nursery.

Sky Garden

Children in nursery have been visiting the roof top “sky garden”. They have been learning about how to care for plants and seeds. Mikki who helped to set up the garden helped the children find lots of different types of plants. We really liked the plants you can eat! In nursery we have been talking about changes including how plants grow and change. Please talk to your child’s key person about all the growing experiences taking place in nursery this term. Our children really have green fingers and we look forward to our crop of potatoes, beans, tomatoes and strawberries.



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Hairdressing salon

The children went to visit a hairdressing salon on a “fact finding mission” so they could get fresh ideas to improve our nursery hair salon. They have really enjoyed making signs, labels and booking people in for their appointments. They have designed a range of styles and prices (some very expensive!) and we even have a stylist of the week. Please feel free to come and visit our salon which is in the moon room. Children love to play with what they know and to imitate the adults they see around them. If your child is engaging in this kind of role play at home, perhaps they are pretending to wash or brush teddies hair we would love to know, please fill in a parent voice sticker writing down exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it and put it in their profile book.


Simms, our African snail

We have been looking closely at Simms, our African snail. We drew line drawings, paintings, and also did some collages in the style of Matisse’s snail.

During the Easter holiday, Katie Millar in Nursery took Simms home. She and her brother Thomas made a video of Simms:


Safe Sammy

Safe Sammy came to visit the Nursery to talk about how we keep ourselves safe. The focus of the session was on making sure we are safe around building sites and roadworks.

Profile Book Morning

A huge thank you to all the parents that attended our session in nursery sharing profile books .You have filled in so many Parent Voice stickers, which were full of information about your child’s interests and achievements outside school. Keep filling in your Parent Voice stickers they are so useful. Check our photo gallery.


World Book Day

parents am (2)We had a great time celebrating World Book Day at our Toys Tea party (have a look to our photo gallery). Thank you to all the parents that came into nursery to share your child’s favourite story. We had great fun writing name labels for all our toys. Labels for toys will be available in the writing area so if you would like to take some home for your other teddies  please help yourself. Children throughout the school looked at books by the author Michael Rosen. In nursery we read “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt”, made our own version of the book and wrote letters to Michael Rosen to tell him our thoughts and feelings about his book. We will be sending our letters to him this week.

If you would like more information about Michael Rosen (including some very funny videos that children love) go to:

If you would like further information about how to support your child with reading at home here are some useful websites:

Questions, questions, questions

trip (2)We have been focusing this half term in nursery on answering and asking interesting questions. We have set up a “questions” book where we can record interesting questions and record possible answers. Children have shown a real fascination with the building vehicles and cranes we can see from our nursery outside area. Small groups of children have been visiting a local building site to make sketches and to figure out how cranes work (check our photo gallery!).