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Letters and Sounds

Lots of games, we love Buried Treasure and Interactive Bingo!

Alphabet song

This is a great song for letter names and sounds

Mr Thorne’s /qu/ video

This one’s ‘quacking’!!


When using games on Phonics Play, Busy Things, or Letters and Sounds, remember to only use the sounds we have already learnt so that the children have the chance to read themselves. This Busy Things website requires subscription but it’s fab for phonics and lots of other things too! There’s also a Busy Things app 🙂

High Frequency Words

he she we me be was
they all are my her you
go no I is if to
the at an


Support for parents – Handwriting shows how to form the alphabet. Start with small letters, then capitals. Begin with the large black dot then follow dotted lines using the arrows. If you need any advice, please ask!


All the children have learnt the sounds of every letter of the alphabet and the sounds on the video below.

Please use the links below to practice at home. There will also be a video of Beth practising the sounds on the website soon.