At Robert Blair Primary School we have the highest possible expectations for all our children. We aim to provide a happy, caring and safe environment which stimulates children’s natural curiosity and allows them to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding.

We want children to develop independence, co-operate with others and communicate in a range of situations whilst learning the skills needed to progress through school and future life.

Children in our reception class are entering the last year of their time within the Early Years Foundation Stage and working within the Early Years Curriculum (click the link to: EYFS Statutory Framework and Development Matters).

There are seven areas of learning in the Early Years Curriculum:

Communication and Language,

Personal, Social and Emotional Development,

Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics,

Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design.

The children at Robert Blair experience a balance of adult-led and child initiated learning. This providing activities and sessions which are based on children’s interests as well as whole class, guided group work, independent tasks, daily reading sessions and phonics lessons.

We firmly believe that that children should continue to benefit from a play based learning environment, whilst being equipped with the knowledge, skills and dispositions that will make them successful in the next phase of their education.

At the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage, children are assessed against the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. The Profile provides parents, carers, and teachers with an assessment of a child’s knowledge, understanding and abilities at the end of Reception. It lets us know the progress the child is making against expected levels and their readiness for Year 1.